The only spiritual centre offering Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic Panchakarm,Yogic Shatkarma, Nature cure etc. at Gagangiri Yogashram Khopoli



Every one strives for prosperity & perpetual peace. The tremendous growth of science has changed human life in total. Industrial growth has brought all the materialistic world at the feet of man. This should have resulted in achieving the required peace and happiness, but in reality it isloss of cultural and moral values, ethics and unhappiness all over. Since the time immemorial the saints, blessed men, spiritual scholars have shown the way to the world towards the ultimate salvation. 

In keeping the continuity His Holiness Paramsiddha Mahayogi Swami Gagangiri Maharaj says to the world-“Live and let live with morality in everything. In this contains the upliftment of individual, society, country and the world as a whole. This is how the dream of health, happiness and contentment will be realized by the mankind.”  

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